Interior Design Major

Interior Design is a very important field which supports everyone's life. After stressful working hours you return to your cozy and beautifully decorated home, all stress and fatigue will quickly disappear.

Interior Design Industry is an indispensable companion of the Architecture industry. Just as its form and shape, also the interior also determines the aesthetic side of a building. In other words, interior design plays an essential part in finishing and bringing life into the work of architecture.

According to statistics by VietnamWorks, in recent years, Interior Design is the industry with the fastest growth in human resource demand, and interior design has become increasingly professional.

What's interesting about studying Interior Design in Van Lang University?

Although not involved in the design work in the building, the interior designer is the person who turns the space of the building with only walls and windows  into a fully equipped place in which colors, objects and space are in harmony.

The homeowner's satisfaction is the measure of the success of a interior design project. Therefore, you need to be someone who harmonize the technical elements of color, Feng Shui, tools and the requirements of the owner of that project.

Qualities to work in the Interior Design industry

  • Passion and commitment with the profession is the most prerequisite for pursuing this competitive career.
  • Design Thinking: It should be emphasized that in addition to knowledge and passion, artistic talents and good design thinking skill will be a plus for you to achieve success in the profession.
  • Creativity, the ability to observe, explore, and learn are also factors that require interior designers to have.
  • Good communication: Good communication is also necessary to communicate your work successfully to the stakeholders.

An Interior Design students Class of 2019 during a graduation project defense and exhibition on May 18-19 at Van Lang University


Interior Design training at Van Lang University focuses on applicability, so that after graduating students can be capable designers who serve the needs of human life, and at the same time leave their own marks in the industry.

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Highlights of the Interior Design training at Van Lang University

  • Knowledge of space, geometry; interior materials; architectural structure; knowledge physics (temperature, light, sound, etc); history of culture and civilization (Louis style, Modern Art, ) and world design trends (seasonal interior design, etc.)
  • Practice in course projects.
  • Practice at the workshop with CNC and laser cutting machine systems.
  • Cooperation skills in extracurricular activities (art workshops, Hoa Sac Festival); collaborative activities (with architects, engineers, suppliers etc.)
  • The skills of job organization and implementation; analysis and processing of information; convincing stakeholders through specialized projects.


Training program

Fundamental knowledge: (1) Shaping in layout and decoration; (2) Basic knowledge of interior decoration helps to introduce material colors and spatial thinking; (3) Specialized interior decoration for basic application in design; (4) Creative techniques and design thinking; (5) Materials for interior design; (6) Drawing techniques

Specialized knowledge: Knowledge and skills of interior design of civil works and public works. Understanding of the interior design regulations for each building type. Understanding of the functional elements such as design process, traffic, space, light, materials, equipment, etc. to apply design ideas in the building in a suitable way.

In-depth knowledge through course project implementation: (1) Interior design of residential houses; (2) Design of educational works; (3) Commercial building design; (3) Service works design; (4) Design of Cultural works; (5) Interior lighting; (6) Office construction design; (7) Interior Theme; (8) Traditional interior architecture: (9) Interior equipment design; (10) Exterior design for garden, etc.

Interior lighting design, combined with arrangement and decoration of products. Lighting design is a very important skill for interiors. In Vietnam, Van Lang University is one of the very few training units having this course.


Extracurricular activities of Graphic Design students in Van Lang University

Bam Club: An artistic playground for students, contributing significantly to art activities for the Faculty.

In the first semester of each academic year, the Faculty will organize a traditional program called Hoa Sac. This is one of the biggest and most invested programs in Van Lang University, attracting special attention from friends of other Faculties.

Hoa Sac is an annual event highly expected by all students

Job opportunities for students of Interior Design

  • After graduating, the bachelors of Graphic Design can work in the following positions:
  • Interior space designer
  • Interior product designer
  • Interior design consultant
  • Consulting on teaching job
  • Freelancer
  • Start-up business

Decoration Project by first-year students of Interior Design K24 displayed from December 2 to 4, 2019 at the 3rd floor, LV building, campus 3, Van Lang University. 

According to the survey of graduates Class of 2018 by Van Lang University, 96.77% of the bachelors of Interior Design have jobs after 1 year of graduation, and their income is over 10 million VND / month (41.94%),  8-10 million VND / month (29.03%).