Interactive Graphic Design Major

Interactive Graphic Design Major

Established in 2014

Students are trained in using tools and graphic software for web design, game design, animation, TV Commercial , Viral Film, Photography, filming – montage.

Projects: Visual Graphics, Digital Applications, Viral Film, Animation, Special Effects, Interactive Film  Graphics 1, 2, Animation Graphics 1, 2, Game Design ...

In the booming era of media and communications, advertising is a great opportunity for Interactive Graphic. (Photo: Interactive Graphic Design students during drawing lesson)

Qualities required to study Interactive Graphic Design

Passion and commitment to the profession: This is a prerequisite for you to pursue this competitive career.

Design Thinking: It should be emphasized that in addition to knowledge and passion, artistic talents and good design thinking skill will be a plus for you to achieve success in the profession.

Creativity and Observation: These are also qualities that requires students of design to have.


In Van Lang University, students develop ideas into real products and exhibit them several times a year. Businesses are invited to attend the Student Project Exhibition to access potential designs. Van Lang University also pioneered in Research on traditional motifs and Application in training of Applied Arts, through projects of Interactive Film, Animation, and Game.

Job opportunities for students of Interactive Graphic Design

  • After graduating, the bachelors of Graphic Design can work in the following positions:
  • Illustrator, Digital image designer
  • Graphic Designer, Animation designer
  • Game designer.
  • Visual Communications Designer
  • Design Manager / Image Director / Art Director.
  • Creative director
  • Freelancer, a job option that many young people choose today.


Interactive Graphic Design Industry is the application of information technology in the creation and design of applied art products in media (advertising, television, newsletter, etc), entertainment (game, movie, animation, etc.), medicine (simulation, remote medical consultation, etc), education (career guidance, visual illustration, etc.) and many other fields in life.

The results of the job survey in August 2018 for the graphic design students in Van Lang University class of 2017 showed that: 95% of the students had jobs after 1 year of graduation, of which the income of over 10 million VND / month accounts for 30.51%. 

Graphic Design students and Interactive Graphic  Design  students often have freelance work from the second year. According to students, the income of 8 million VND / month is easy to achieve even if you haven't graduated yet.

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