Product Design Major

A fast developing economy in Vietnam is intensifying competition, and businesses increasingly find it not easy to persuade consumers to purchase their products while there are thousands of commodities with similar features on the market. In addition to quality, usability and price, the design of the product is also a very important factor for consumers to decide whether to buy that product or not. Therefore, businesses increasingly focus on product design so that when launching in the market, their products will be welcomed by consumers.

"Supply cannot meet the demand" is a brief summary for the workforce market of the current Product Design industry. Enterprises and companies are now paying more attention to the design of their products before being released to the market, opening up a great potential for the Product Design industry. Product designers often have an attractive income, with starting from 8-10 million VND/ month and  10-15 million VND / month for people with 1-2 years experience.

Product Design requires students to always create new products out of familiar things in life.

What's interesting about studying Product Design?

Product Design is very close to human life. Looking around our house, we can see that the objects we are using such as televisions, refrigerators, washing machines, and cell phones are all products of Product Design.

A product designer is someone who applies arts and modern technology skills to create the shape, size and color of a product. In other words, he/she researches and creates a product's physical form based on functions, users and production technology of that product. He/she determines the "appearance" of the industrial product, from sophisticated items such as jewelry, to everyday household items and even large-volume items such as means of transport.

If you love creating new products, creating your own products with your own identity, then Product Design will be field industry for you.

Qualities to study Product Design

Product design is a creative field, and designers must always come up with unique, different and eye-catching ideas for products. So, a designer of industrial products needs the following qualities:

Creativity and passion.

Ability in painting and design, an aesthetic mindset and appreciation for beauty.

Patience and perseverance to discover new things from old ones.

Agility to grasp market trends and consumer preferences.


In Van Lang, students are trained with a orientation on practical application. All product designs of students, from simple to sophisticated, from small size to large size, must meet the requirement of functionality and aesthetics. All designs must be capable of production and serving the needs of human life.

Highlights of the Product Design major at Van Lang University

 In Van Lang University, in addition to lectures, the workshop is the place for your creativity. Van Lang University regularly takes students to field trips in industrial parks and large industrial design workshops such as SYM, PJN, and pottery factories in Dong Nai.

Every year, students' products are showcased in an exhibition, and businesses are invited to visit. Students also participate in many product design competitions. So, students' designs have access to the market.

Training program

Basic learning phase: Fine arts, sculpture, decoration, anthropology, creative techniques, and supplementary courses

Specialized learning phase: Industrial aesthetics, Product application features based on the principles of functionality and ergonomics; Product design process, Products and materials: plastic composite, clay, ceramics; designing furniture, household appliances, means of transport products, Computer graphics skills

Extracurricular activities of Graphic Design students in Van Lang University

Bam Club: An artistic playground for students, contributing significantly to art activities for the Faculty.

In the first semester of each academic year, the Faculty will organize a traditional program called Hoa Sac. This is one of the biggest and most invested programs in Van Lang University, attracting special attention from friends of other Faculties.

Career opportunities

  • You can choose to work in the following positions after graduation:
  • Craft and industrial product designers
  • Creative design manager.
  • Specialists working in product research and development.
  • Creative consultant and product presentation consultant.
  • Teaching jobs related to design and arts.
  • Space decoration
  • Interactive design (interface design for products).
  • Product promotion design


Major Code: 7210402

Training time: 4 years

Degree: Bachelor of Product Design