Fashion Design Major

Established in 2005, Fashion Design takes pride in being the first major of the Faculty of Arts and Design. After more than 15 years of training,  our  quality has been confirmed by the success of many generations of graduates. We are an active learning community in which creativity, critical thinking and diverse artistic perspectives are respected. We are also community-oriented and aim at design for the public.

Training  program

Our program aims to equip the knowledge, skills and attitudes needed to work in the field of Fashion Design. We provide a learning process from ideation to product development, along with supporting techniques ​​such as marketing, sustainable design, research skills, teamwork, etc., to help students develop competencies, personal style and adaptability to a dynamic, diverse and ever-changing working environment.

During the 8 semesters and 123 credits, students can learn, research and design women's wear, men's wear, accessories, etc. through the training of skills from basic to advanced. Core courses focus on research, fashion history, design thinking, fashion materials, pattern design, and sewing techniques. Supplementary courses are marketing, image building, culture, arts, etc. This system helps students perfect their skills, has an extensive background as well as dig into narrower fields of Fashion Design as well as building a foundation for self-study and lifelong learning. Each student is encouraged to focus on a specific area, to explore their individual competencies and career aspirations. The program is taught by lecturers in Fashion Design Department, as well as lecturers, experts, speakers with experience in relevant fields. During lessons, practice, research consultancy,  talks and workshops, students are given the fastest access to real-world career trends. We also organize extracurricular activities, fieldwork, and internships to help the training process be as close to the actual profession as possible, to improve the competitiveness of students after graduation.

Students are also facilitated to equip themselves with skills to demonstrate their competence through digital platforms. We present students’ products on many different platforms from shows to websites with the aim of building an image of students' personal competencies, promoting them in the community, so that they have access to current and future career opportunities.


Learning and research activities in Van Lang University are organized at 5 different campuses, of which the main training facility for Fashion Design is located in Binh Thanh District. We are equipped with factory sewing systems and supporting equipment such as sewing machines, ironing systems, mannequins, 3D printers, laser cutting machines. Functional areas provide spaces for workshops and fashion shows.

The 11AM Show - the pride and tradition of generations of Van Lang fashion students

Each semester Fashion Design students organize and perform their works in a show called 11AM Show. This is an opportunity for them to update new techniques in the industry, to learn how to organize a fashion show, to work in an interdisciplinary team, and especially to showcase their products in front of the community. The show serves as a bridge to enhance teacher-student friendship, as well connect students to many personal development opportunities.


[link] Visit the Fanpage of Fashion Design Department to know more about the learning activities of the fashion design students of Van Lang University.

Career opportunities

You can choose to work in the following positions after graduation:

  1. Fashion designer

  2. Design Assistant

  3. Fabric and print pattern designer

  4. Style consultant

  5. Accessory designer

  6. Fashion photographer

  7. Fashion magazine field

  8. Personal brand owner

  9. Visual merchandising

  10. Pattern designer