Faculty of Arts and Design


Established in 2004 (and reestablished in 2006), the Faculty of Arts and Design is a forward-thinking faculty with an aim to nurture competent professionals who are able to create innovative designs that would meet the demands of the future – both nationally and internationally speaking.

The faculty is now home to over 3,000 students with five programs that foster learning, creativity and innovation: Graphic Design, Interactive Graphic Design, Fashion Design, Product Design and Interior Design.

Academic programs:

Major: Graphic Design

Students are provided with a foundation in arts, decoration, image processing, printmaking techniques and materials, and traditional graphics. Besides, they practice professional skills through projects such as color woodcut printmaking, editorial design, logo design, packaging design, typography, poster design, calendar design, and website layout design.

The Faculty has pioneered and successfully conducted research and application of traditional motifs in Applied Arts, including in Graphic Design.

Graphic Design students are encouraged to participate in exhibitions and competitions in Vietnam and abroad to introduce their own designs and also to update design trends.

Timing: 4 years

Degree: Bachelor of Graphic Design

Major: Interactive Graphic Design

Newly established in 2014, the program of Interactive Graphic Design trains students to design products in communications (such as commercials and news reports), entertainment (games, movies and animations, etc.), medicine (simulations, online doctor consultation, etc.), education (job orientation, visual illustration, etc.)  and many other fields.

Major: Fashion Design

Van Lang University is one of the few universities in Vietnam that offer a full-time bachelor program in Fashion Design, specializing in Applied Fashion Design.

Students are facilitated to design and organize shows to present their design products.

Facilities including workshops with specialized sewing machines, steam ironing system, patterning on 2D, 3D mannequin, and laser engravers are available for students to practice their hands-on skills. In addition, the training program also offers supporting courses such as photography and make-up.

Timing: 4 years.

Degree: Bachelor of Fashion Design

Major in Product  Design

Students are provided a foundation in arts, ergonomics, materials, aerodynamics, and mechanical engineering, and are instructed to use technology  and field related software.

The training program focuses on practical skills. Students can make prototypes in maker labs with specialized equipment such as semi-industrial coating system, specialized clay, modern furnace, laser engravers, and CNC cutting machine. In addition, student products are exhibited and introduced to businesses.

Timing: 4 years.

Degree: Bachelor of Product Design

Major: Interior Design

Training program provides a foundation in spatial organization, shapes, interior materials, architectural structures, history and culture, and design trends.

Students are instructed to use specialized design software such as Autocad, 3DMax, Sketchup, and Photoshop.

Maker labs provide facilities for students to practice.

Timing: 4 years.

Degree: Bachelor of Furniture Design.

Contact Information

Dean: Mr. Phan Quan Dung

Deputy Dean: Mr. Nguyen Dac Thai

Office: 3rd Floor, LV Building, 69/68 Dang Thuy Tram St., Ward 13, Binh Thanh District, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Phone: (+84)28.7106 0808 – Ext: 5331

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Website: http://mythuat.vanlanguni.edu.vn